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Rosehill offers
Five Star, Gold
Award, luxury
self catering
holiday lodges
in a superb
coastal village


Rosehill constantly looks at the ways we can improve the positive impact our business has on the environment.

The following is a listing of some of the green intiatives undertaken by us over the past few years. We believe that for green holidays in Cornwall we can offer you the perfect choice. We combine luxury self catering accommodation with an eco-friendly  approach to our business.

The Lodges:

  • Larch cladding chosen from FSC woodland here in Cornwall. Prepared and sawn by local Truro Sawmills. No chemical preservative added as the timber is heartwood and is self sealing.
  • Bits that can,t be seen are sourced sustainably. ie. Plywood sub floor is FSC. More expensive than standard ply.
    Insulation in the walls is paper, insulation in floors is lava rock.
  • Walls are Fermacell fibre board, not plasterboard. This has a rougher surface to the touch.
    Curtain pelmet reclaimed from ship wreck Godima off of the Devon coast.
  • Tiles in bathrooms are re-cycled glass mosaic.
  • Kitchens are 80% built with sustainable materials.
  • Low energy lights used throughout.Phased introduction of LED's.
  • Solar panel to back up electric immersion heater. Immersion heater is super-efficient.
  • Grass roofs provide high insulant levels, warm in winter, cool in summer, great for wildlife, aesthetically pleasing, renewable
  • All wood double glazing windows from sustainable source.
  • Non hazardous chemical free fire retardant used on ceilings.
  • Air Permeability Test of building scored an incredible 1.3 under the new Part L building regs. The best result seen in the UK.
  • Log burners for bio mass space heating. Logs purchased from sustainable woodland in Cornwall.
  • All timber used in construction of lodge is FSC.
  • Picnic tables FSC, decking tables, chairs and benches are FSC.
  • All flooring in lodges is bamboo, a highly sustainable material.
  • Lodges hand built by Pioneer Environmental Building Company (, a local business within our village of Porthtowan using local skilled labour dedicated to Eco building techniques.Many of the features listed above were incorporated as a direct result of Pioneer's influence in the build of our lodges.
  • Water saving eco-click basin taps fitted throughout also with aerated water.
  • Sustainable toiletries and cleaning materials provided in each lodge.
  • Electric utility vehicle used on site

Energy consumption and recording

  • The recording of electricity usage and analysis, weekly for each lodge.
  • The recording of water usage and analysis, weekly for whole site.
  • Carbon footprint published in each lodge.
  • A water audit undertaken by SWW in November 2009. Actions added to Green Action Plan

The use of local business services

  • Printing work for stationery undertaken by local printing company.
  • Art works in lodges provided by local artist based in Porthtowan.
  • Local organic veg box details in each lodge.
  • Comprehensive guide to St Agnes eateries, businesses etc in each lodge.
  • Logs purchased from local wood supplier from sustainable woodland in Cornwall.
  • Kindling wood purchased from local supplier. ( bag return)
  • Good communications with all local businesses in Porthtowan.
  • Lodges hand built by Porthtowan based construction company.
  • On Line Booking system made in Cornwall by local Redruth Company Chycor.


  • Local skilled labour used in construction of the lodges.
  • Creation of at least 6 permanent local jobs.
  • Many employees of Rosehill Lodges walk to work.
  • All staff made aware of our Green focus.
  • Services for baby-sitting offered by local qualified nursery nurse.

Cleaning Products

  • The provision of Ecover and environmental cleaning products in each lodge. ( re-fillable containers)
  • The use of sustainable cleaning products used throughout the site.

Fairtrade Beverages

  • Complimentary fair-trade beverages and biscuits provided in each lodge.

Landscaping and Conservation

  • Construction of a new watercourse by opening of an underground piped culvert with full backing from Environment Agency.
  • Creation of water pools, ponds and waterfalls.
  • Huge rock dug up from bottom field during groundworks reclaimed and used as sign at entrance.
  • Front of each lodge has a newly constructed insect/beetle havens.
  • Bird boxes erected throughout the site and bird tables installed.
  • Live bird cam installed and active and connected to our web site.
  • Bridges over new watercourse are made from African Adoka wood, reclaimed from the London underground.
  • External lighting posts reclaimed from former roadside bollards.
  • External lights are LED and use down lighters to avoid light pollution focusing on "Dark Skies".
  • Use of chemicals for weed control is minimal. Use of bark chippings to suppress weeds and the use of Nematodes to control leatherjacket damage to grass.
  • Stones dug up from site used as features throughout.
  • Considerable new planting of trees and shrubs undertaken.
  • Preservation of “Garlic Mustard” plant opposite Wheal Sally preserved as haven for the Orange tipped butterfly.
  • Preservation of “Joe Pye Weed” plant at Wheal Rock preserved as haven for Red Admiral butterfly.
  • Lobellia planted to preserve and encourage the hummingbird moth.
  • Sensitive use of building materials and features to compliment Cornish identity.
  • An ongoing programme of the introduction of flowers and shrubs to attract birds and insects.

Visitor Information

  • Information on local walks provided at a modest cost as part of our visitor payback scheme. Contributions made to Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
  • A guide book for local walks in each lodge.
  • Information on local bus routes, buses, trains, ferries and planes.
  • Information on local cycle hire and cycle routes.
  • A well stocked reception area with ideas for days out.
  • A list of the shops etc in Porthtowan Village in each lodge.
  • A list of Flora and Fauna on the site available to read in reception.
  • Local bars, ice cream parlours,cakes,wine supplier,organic veg, hair salon are all promoted by Rosehill


  • Glass, tins, plastics, paper and cardboard recycled with re-cycle bins provided on each lodge.
  • Compost bins provided on each lodge.
  • Grass cuttings collected and spread over set aside field with local farmer.
  • Prunings from the site, chipped and added to compost.
  • Wood ashes from log burners mixed into compost.
  • Recycled toilet roll with recyclable packaging in each lodge.
  • Recycled stationery used in the office.
  • Paper recycled in the office.
  • Batteries and ink jet cartridges re-cycled.
  • Towel agreement in each lodge.
  • Metals re-cycled.
  • Fluroescent lamps/tubes
  • Sharps bin provided in reception.


  • To provide all year round accommodation.
  • Sustainable from a “Human Standpoint”.

Awards and memberships

  • In May 2008 Rosehill was awarded Gold under the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). This was followed by further assessment a every two years whereby the Gold Award was retained. The GTBS has also recognised Rosehill being placed as a finalist in the 2011 Gold Star awards. This officially places Rosehill in the top 2% of business in the UK for sustainability.
  • Rosehill is a Corporate member of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
  • Rosehill is a Ambassador Member of COAST. (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project).
  • Rosehill have been awarded Five Star Gold by Visit Britain Quality Assurance Scheme. 
  • Rosehill management have undergone a 3 day training course for Phases 1, 2 and 3 of BS8555 Environmental Management.
  • In June 2008, Rosehill was awarded Gold for the built environment at the "International Green Apple Awards" ceremony held in London.
  • In June 2008. Rosehill was also awarded the "Green Champions" award by the Green Organisation at the International Green Apple Awards.
  • In 2009 Rosehill won the Gold Award for sustainability at the Cornwall Tourism Awards.

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Stormwatching and deserted beaches

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"The bed is so comfortable that we slept 9 hours". Julie W. Manchester

"Log burner and hot tub a definite plus for us. All in all a lovely lodge, very well equipped and presented". Mr Wilkinson, Cambridgeshire.

"5 star plus... Peace and tranquility... It would be difficult to suggest improving what I consider perfection". Ron and Rita Crabtree, Liverpool.

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