Responsible Tourism

For Green Holidays in Cornwall we believe Rosehill offers you the perfect choice.

Our environment is unique. The Lodges are surrounded by broad leaved woodland, in a sheltered valley just five minutes walk from the Atlantic Ocean. We know of no other broadleaved woodlands this close to the rugged Atlantic Ocean. This habitat provides a superb sheltered environment for the survival of all kinds of wildlife. Badgers, foxes, falcons, buzzards, tawny owls, moths and butterflies. Our guests constantly remark how wonderful the bird life is, and all this can be observed from your glass covered decking.

In an effort to minimise these harmful effects, Rosehill Lodges are committed to responsible and sustainable environmental management. To ensure that all employees at all levels are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performance, and will provide on going environmental training to this effect. To find out more, take a look at our new post about our Environmental Policy post.

“We are pleased to let you know that Rosehill Lodges has been selected as one of our 20 Goldstar Finalists sponsored by Beacon Purchasing: “Congratulations you are officially in the top 2% of the greenest businesses in the UK and Irleand!” Andrea Nicholas, Founder, Director, Green Tourism Business Scheme. You can view all of awards on our Environmental Awards post.

The Lodges have all been built using materials from sustainable sources. Relax in a superb Eco-Friendly Environment.