Beach Safety at Porthtowan

Beach safety is a priority. When you are at the beach we would encourage all beach users to follow RNLI safety precautions as the ocean and weather can be very unpredictable. During high seasons the beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards from 10am until 6pm.

The Lifeguards are committed to your well being.

The lifeguard patrol will provide a safer bathing area between red and yellow flags and an area for surfboards between black and white flags and supervise the area throughout the specified times. A red flag would denote a ‘No Bathing’ restriction and should be observed even if the dangers are not apparent.

RNLI patrol at chapel porth beach near porthtowan

To find out more about the RNLI’s guidelinesĀ  please visit their official site: RNLI

You can also find tide times and more information about the local beach at the Porthtowan beach website.

Porthtowan is a Blue Flag Beach and Dogs are restricted to the dune area(not permitted on the beach) between May and October.

Beach safety on land and at sea. RNLI Lifeboat.
St Agnes Lifeboat