Dark Skies

When the lodges were built the specification for external lighting called for low level downlights to be installed. Rosehill Lodges totally embraces the need for maintaining and preserving a dark sky area. This is essential for wildlife, especially birds, to thrive. Part of the charm of Rosehill is the dark space and lack of extreme floodlights which is disruptive to the noctural habits of owls and resting birds. It will also help ensure a good nights sleep for you and your family.

Because of the dark skies you definitely need to bring an extra torch when you stay at Rosehill lodges.

There are no street lights in the Rosehill Valley. It really is dark. So, switch all the lights off on your lodge, sit under the glass covered decking, listen to the Owls and gaze up at the stars. This truly is an amazing holiday experience. Just a short walk gets you to the Atlantic Ocean which is an amazing sight viewed by moonlight (from a safe place of course).

The Rosehill valley is unique.

There are few valleys in Cornwall, this close to the Atlantic which benefit from being protected from the prevailing winds. This means that broadleaved woodland can thrive and this in turn means this incredible dark sky area can support all manner of wildlife.