Environmental Policy

Rosehill Lodges policy recognises and accepts that the activities involved in the running of the lodges may encroach upon the environment.

In an effort to minimise these harmful effects, Rosehill Lodges are committed to responsible and sustainable environmental management.

To ensure that all employees at all levels are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performance, and will provide on going environmental training to this effect.

Communicate this environmental policy and promote environmental awareness amongst all employees.

Display this policy statement in reception.

Make this policy statement available to all interested parties on request.

Comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

Endeavor to promote local businesses, source products and take environmental factors into account in all purchasing and supplier contracts.

Take all practical measures to reduce waste to landfill by adopting an ‘eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle’ approach to waste management.

Adopt the practice of responsible energy management through reduced consumption and the encouragement of energy efficiency throughout the business.

Encourage the use of public transport, cycling and walking to guests.

This policy statement is being reviewed quarterly to ensure that it remains applicable to the activities of the Lodges.

John and Pauline Barrow

Version 3, 13th January 2010.

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