The Benefits of our Greenroof Lodges

Your luxury self-catering Lodge at Rosehill Lodges is warm in Winter, cool in Summer!

There are many practical and ecological benefits to our Greenroof Lodges. We get lots of our customers comment on how cool their lodge is, even in a heatwave! So here are some of the benefits to your greenroof lodges while staying in your luxury lodge at Rosehill Lodges:

  • Reduce ambient air temperatures. Hot summer impermeable city roofs can reach 80C or more! (1)
  • Filter air, bind dust particles and reduce glare. 1000ft2 of a greened roof can remove 41lbs of airborne particles per year.
  • Absorb and filter heavy metals and pollutants from our rainwater, such as cadmium, copper, lead, nitrogen, zinc, diesel soot, VOC’s, hydrocarbons and pesticides (2)
  • Reduce runoff flow rates and retain 50-95% of rainwater. Alleviate stormwater infrastructure systems and reduce combined sewer overflows.
  • Supply green habitat and nesting areas for displaced birds, butterflies and other wildlife
  • Provide acoustical insulation and reduce noise by 50Db with plant and soil (3)

How do you maintain the Greenroofs?

We only mow our Grassroofs once a year, just to tidy them up, but they are left the rest of the year to do their own thing! Nature normally has its own idea.

Greenroof and other green benefits.

See our green pages for more posts about our wildlife and how we support our environment.

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